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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSB04 FINAL ReviewWhat is healthHealth is a state of compete physical mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmityWhat affects healthThe adequate housing Access to clean water sanitation nutrition education broad of social polices and protections safe working condition and living wagesHealth and Health carethThe public health care is a concept constituted in the early 19 century and aims to improve health with the organized effort by the government from the community effort collective health was adapted in brazil and somewhere else in the latin America which emphasize the role and agency of ordinary people and social movements in shaping the outcome of health Movement includes public health social medicine population health collective healthInternational Health in historical perspective300 year long waves of Eurasian Plague Imperialismexpedition exchange disease and the slave thtrade and their health consequencesRise of industrial Revolution of the 19 century and the sanitary reformHow can one conceptualize international healthWhat is international health1Humanitarianhuman right 2Global public good 3 Security 4 Protect and preserve market5International agreement 6 Disease control 7 business interest 8 economic development 9 Foreign policy 10 social justicethFormed in the 20 century powerful countries recognize the value of intergovernmental cooperation and established permanent bodies to address health issues that crossed national borders the formation of WHO was had been consolidate during the cold warRockefeller Foundations International health legacyFinancially supported education in the United States without distinction of race sex or creedEstablished the first schools of public healthDeveloped the vaccine to prevent yellow feverFunded the original development of the social sciencesSupported the establishment of a large range of American and international cultural institutions Funded agricultural development to expand food supplies around the world Green RevolutionSome principal historical international health imperativesChairty missionary work War relief diplomacy Philanthropy economic development PaternalismColonialism sharing of expertise transnational training and data collection for disease Calls for reform and revolution Chadwick Engels VirchowChadwick Lawyer and civic servant of the poor law commission calls updating the welfare policy dating from the Elizabeth time Attention on the sanitary reform clean water sewage and public sanitationEngels Son of wealthy German manufacturer works for textile factories Examine the living and wwwnotesolutioncom
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