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International Development Studies
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Anne- Emanuelle Birn

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Lecture11-C H13- TowardHealthyS ocieties: fromIdeastoAction November-23-10 1:14PM - p. 656 TheDiseasecontrol conception of internationalHealth: itssuccessesand Limitationp. 657-8 - HookwormVs.Malaria(WW2) - Promise perilsof technicalapproaches - Smallpox:didtheendjustifythemeans? ChildSurvivalCampaignsp. 659-60 - 1982onwards:GOBI-FFF GrowthMonitoring Oralrehydrationtheory BreastFeeding Immunization FoodSupplementation FamilyPlanning FemaleEducation - Throwbackto technically-baseddiseasecampaigns - Effectiveif narrowlydefinedbut underlyingconditionsnot addressed: malnutrition,lackof sanitation Mostof IMRdeclinepre-dated childsurvival - Verticalrather thancommunitybasedapproaches IndividualisticBehaviour-change(p.660) WhichselectiveInterventionsworkand whatistheevidence?p. 661 - Millionssaved: ProveSuccessesinGlobalHealth 1. Predictableand adequatefundingfromboth localand internationalsources 2. Politicalleadershipand champions 3. Affordabletechnologicalinnovationwithinaneffectivedeliverysystem 4. Technicalconsensusabout theappropriatebiomedicalor publichealthapproach 5. Effectivemanagement of healthdeliverysystems;and 6. Effectiveuseof information Limitationsof theSingleDiseaseCampaignsp. 664-5 - WhydidGlobalMalariaEradication fail? - VerticalCampaignweaknesses: Moreemphasisonbiologicalthaninfrastructuralissues Oneshouldnot emphasisto theexclusionof theother Healthsystemdistortions(lossof PHC) Nohealthsystemcanbebuilt on verticalcampaignsyet IHemphasizethese - Isolatingfocuson technicalaspectsinflatesmortalityballoonelsewhere DevelopingWelfareSates:CostaRica,Cuba,Sri Lanka,Uruguay,and KeralaState, Indiap. 668-75 - Whatenableswelfarestatesuccessesindevelopingsocial? Rejectingtheloansfromworldbank AbolishitsMilitaryand rechannel themoneyto socialsectors - Whataretheir Fragilities? Table13-3: Dataon SelectedDeterminantsof healthandMortalityRates Box13-4FactorsContributingto theSuccessof CubassocialServices
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