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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Lecture4-C h5: DataonHealth October-05-10 1:14PM DataParadox Dataisrequiredfor makingof healthpolicy, but thereisahugedeficiencyin health data Table5-1- UsesandLimitationsof statistical Health Data Usesfor statistical HealthData 1. Identifyemergingproblems 2. Anticipatefor future needs 3. Helpdeterminepriorities 4. Estimatebudgets 5. For useby government inthepublicsphere - Ie.Education systems,rather goalsarebeingmeant - If you dont collect data, you haveno wayto measurerather goalshavebeen achieve 6. Helpdirect progress towardsgoals 7. For international sharingandcomparisonpurposes 8. Monitor progress.Setbacksbysocial groups Limitationsof statistical healthdata what healthdatacannot do 9. Makedecisionson policesthat affect health 10. Givecausal explanation 11. Determinewhich variablesto includein datacollection andanalysis Monitoringandcompliance underthe2007Internationalhealthregulation(IHR) (pp. 196-8) - Mandatoryreporting Plague Yellowfever Smallpox Cholera - Under surveillance: Malaria,polio - Mandatoryreportingof publichealthemergencies Problemface: lost of money in tourism - Thisstep upwasbecause Chinasslow reportingin regardsof SARS outbreak Typeof healthdata - Populationdata- Howmanypeoplelivedinwhat area,peoplein apopulation andtheir attributes - VitalStatistics: Birth, Death, Marriage Thiscoursefocuson birth anddeath - Healthstatistics: Monitor theout breakof disease, morbidityby type, severityand outcome - Healthservicesstatistics Thehealthcaresystemscapacity Numbersand typesof facilitiesandservicesavailable - Dataonsocial inequalitiesinhealth Social factorsthat leadto inequalitiesinhealth - Societalvariables- Social welfareandsocial security, distribution of power andresource
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