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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Lecture7- C h 9- Globalization,trade, work, andhealth October-26-10 1:17PM Globalization,Trade, workandHealth AnglesonHealthandGlobalization P.418 - Theimpact onhealth of neoliberal globalization free tradeand financial liberalization: Privatizationandderegulation Debt crisesandimposed conditionalitiesof IFIsto abandon welfarestate Environmental damage Restructuringof labour processes Creationof free tradezones Amplifytraderelationshipacross borders Tobringin fast incomeof cash Occupational (work-related) health anddisease - Healthproblemsalsounderstood asmanifestation of globalization Spreadof infectiousdisease(eg. SARS,HIV,TB, West Nile) Spreadof political, social andcultural condition that underpinhealthanddisease(eg. mental illness,diabetes) - Internationalhealthreshapeasglobal health Whatarethedifferencesbtwglobalhealthandinternationalhealth* * * * Globalization:did it all start at theUof T? - oracleof electronicAge - Best known book: theMediumisthemassage - Coinedthe term global village -- aworldmadesmaller andmoreintegratedbymasscommunication; electronicmedia; cultural interconnectedness - MarshallMcLuhan (1911-1980), professor of English,Director of Centrefor Cultureand Technology How electroniccan affect society GlobalizationdefinedP. 418 - Anysystemof transcontinental tradeandtravel - Integrationof localnational economiesinto global market - Communicationsaccelerated: Transport, electronicmedia - International flow of capital, labour, knowledge - Cultural importation invasion. Hegemoney Neoliberalglobalizationp. 420-1 - Promotionof free markets removal of tradebarriers,resultingin: Reductionof subsidesfor thepoor Cost recovery user fee for essential services Privatizationof publicassets Weakenedroleof government Growingdominanceof Western based transnational capital Highmilitaryexpenditures Createalargemarket for buyinguniform+firearm Beingableto obtain oil - Political order dominatedbythelogicof themarket Whatsoldongoingandwhatsnew in globalizationp. 419
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