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International Development Studies
Leslie Chan

IDSA01 Oct.17 – included on midterm Development – Theories and Approaches (Framing and labels; policy implications, measuring, colonialism; history matters, diverse legacies, theories; modernization, neo-liberalism, dependency, capability approach; rights based approach), - Issues, (Poverty, Inequality, Trade, Environment, Food security, rural development, Urbanization, Climate change, Health, Gender, Education) - Key Actors (Multilateral, bilateral, CSOs and NGOs, Citizens, Philanthropic foundations, Corporations) Today’s goals -Understanding the complex relationship between ‘health’ and ‘development’ -Changing conceptions of ‘health’ and its determinants *Contrasting views and policies *History matters *The social determinants health *The rights based approach to health - Increasing complexity of the global health policy landscape and actors Health is not simply a medical issue, but a social justice and human rights issue *Coca Cola – helping with the distribution of medicine, helping local projects with strengthening training on water supply, sanitation and hygiene - Good at extracting someone else’s water to make Coke’s own product Reasoning* -People in rich countries live dramatically longer, healthier lives than people in poorer countries -Wealth is a key determinant of health -Eradiation of diseases is central to development - Policies that promote wealth creation will lead to healthy and happy populations Defining Health -Issues that affect everyone, local and global in nature World Health Organization “Health is a state of *complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. -1948 - Agencies are already involved before the WHO gets there - -Reducing Death = World Health? Some contributing factors to health - Income and social status - Social support networks – mental illnesses - Education and literacy –hygiene - Employment/working conditions - Social environments - Physical environments - Personal health practices and coping skills - Early child development - Biology and genetics - Health care services - Gender – roles rather then biology; male dominated areas (access to medicine, food, etc. first) - Culture th Oct 24 Poverty and Inequality – A Political Perspective - Poverty and Inequality are linked to power inequalities, both intrnational and domestic - Alteration in existing power realities is a necessary but not sufficient condition for improved – does something but not enough - What is also needed? -Employment-generating “industrial” policy - “Appropriate” social policies -Distributive impact - Why do we need both? -Economic reasons -Political reasons -Avoiding politica
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