ISTD01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Languages Of South Africa, Wireless Application Protocol, Kaiser Family Foundation

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In 2010, an estimated 5. 24 million people in south africa are living with hiv, an increase. November 15, 2010 of 300 000 since 2009. The total number of new hiv infections for 2010 is estimated at 410 000. Of these, approximately 40 000 will be among children. Human immunodeficiency virus, most commonly known has hiv, is a virus that destroys defense cells in the body"s immune system. They are crucial in helping the body fight infectious diseases. As hiv destroys these helpers, the victim"s body becomes susceptible to all kinds of diseases. When the immune system becomes completely deficient, hiv has successfully transformed to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids). Drugs have been developed to inhibit hiv but there is still no cure. We believe that education and keeping citizens well-informed of health issues, will improve the quality of life and decrease the numerous cases of deaths caused by hiv/aids in south africa.