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University of Toronto Scarborough
Helen Wu

 子子:”子子子子子子子子,子子子子子子子子.”  The Master said,” To know is not comparable to loving it; to love it is not comparable to enjoying it.”  子子:”子子子子,子子子子,子子子子,子子子子子?”  The Master said:” To memorize silently, learn insatiably, and instruct others indefatigably-what else do I need?  子子:”子子子,子子,子子子子子,子子子子子子.子子子子子子,子子子子子.”  The Master said: “To eat coarse food, drink water, and rest one’s head in the crook of one’s bent arm-joy also lies therein. Wealth and rank attained through unrighteous mean are like floating clouds to me.”  子子子子子子子子,子子子子. 子子:”子子子子:’子子子子,子子子子,子子子子,子子子子子子’子子.”  The Duke of She asked Zilu about Confucius. Zilu didn’t reply. The Master said,” Why did you not say: ‘He is so passionate that he forgets to eat, his joy makes him forget his worries, and he is not aware that old age is upon hum’ and the like?”  子子”子子,子子!子子子,子子子,子子子,子子子子子,子子子子子子.子子,子子!”  The Master said,”How worthy Hui is! A bamboo basket of rice, a ladle of water, and living in a meager alley-other people could not bear such misery, yet Hui never abandons his joy. How worthy Hui is!”  子子子:子子子子子子,子子子子子,子子;子子子子,子子子子子,子子子子.子子子子,子子子子子.子子子子,子子子子子子!”  Master You said,” There are indeed few men who are filial to their parents and obedient to their elder brothers and have inclination to transgress against his superiors; and there has never been a case of someone disinclined to transgress against his superiors stirring up rebellion. The gentleman attends to his roots. Once the roots are established, the Way will grow. Filial piety and brotherly obedience are the roots of humanity.”  子子:”子子子子子,子子子,子子子,子子子,子子子,子子子子,子子子子.”  The Master said,” A young man should be filial at home and respectful of his elders in public. Discreet and truthful, he should love the multitudes all and keep close to humane men. If he has energy to spare, he should employ it to study culture.”  子子子子.子子:”子子.子子,子子子子子;子子子,子子子.子子子子子子?  Zixia asked about filial piety. The Master said:” Facial expressions are most difficult. When there are chores, the juniors render their services; when there is wine and food, the elders drink and eat. Can this be considered filial piety?”  子子:”子子子子子,子子子子子.”  The Master said,” the gentleman knows righteousness; the small man knows profit.”  子子:”子子子子子子,子子子子子子.”  The Master said,” the gentleman enters into associations but not cliques; the small man enters into cliques but not associations.”  子子:”子子子子子子,子子子子子子.”  The Master said,” The gentleman seeks harmony, not sameness. The small man seeks sameness, not harmony.”  子子:”子子子子子子,子子子子子;子子子子.”  The Master said, “The gentleman helps others achieve worthy ends; he does not help them carry out devil deeds. The small man does the opposite.”  子子:”子子子子子,子子子子子.”  The Master said,” The gentleman is open-hearted and composed; the small man is continually full of worry.”  子子:”子子子子子,子子子子:子子子子,子子子子,子子子子.” 子子子:”子子子子子.”  The Master said,” The gentleman’s Way has 3 facets, all of which are beyond me: The humane have no worries, the wise have no delusions, and the courageous have no fear.” Zigon said, “This is the Master’s own way.”  子子子:”子子子子子子:子子子子子子子?子子子子子子子子?子子子子?”  Master Zeng said,” I examine myself thrice daily. In my undertakings on behalf of others, have I not been trustworthy? In my interactions with friends, have I not been truthful? Have I not put into practice what has been imparted to me?”  子子:”子子子,子子子子子:子子子子子子子,子子子子子子子.”  The Master said, “When 3 men walk together, I can surely find teachers. I choose merits to follow and faults to correct.”  子子:”子子子子子,子子子子子子子子.”  The Master sai
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