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Chandan Narayan

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1.What is linguistics?
Linguistic is a scientific study of human language and language use.
2.Linguistic is a creative system!
3.Human language are :
Rule- governed and creative
Rule- governed creativity
1) U-shaped, 4 stages & create wrong word when young
2) Infinite number of novel sentences
3) creation of new words : beach the boat
4) possible and impossible sounds combinitions
5) choose the right meaning
4. linguistic competence
The knowledge that speakers have that enables them to produce and understand their
5. descriptive vs prescriptive approach
descriptive approach: how speakers actually talk and what that reveals speakers have about
their knowledge
prescriptive: how speakers should talk
6. What is a grammer?
generality: all languages have a grammar
Parity: all grammars are equal
Universality: grammars are alike in basic ways
Mutability: changes over time
Inaccessibility: grammatical knowledge are subconscious
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