LINB09H3 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Velar Consonant, Velar Nasal, Mid Central Vowel

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29 Nov 2016

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Lower articulators are the one doing the moving: the upper articulators just sit there until something come in contact with them. Consonant 3 properties: place, manner and voice. Labial segment anything involving the lips: bilabial - / p b m , labiodental / f v / Coronal anything to do with the tip of the tongue or the lamina. Interdental- / : alveolar- / t d / Dorsal segment anything to do with body or back of the tongue: palatal. No significant obstruction for air flow: velar. Glottal segments are not dorsal, they are their own category: / h / Labiovelar segments can be double articulated: have both articulation and a velar articulation, they happen simultaneously, / w / Stop; complete closure: one line, super impose. Affricative; start with a stop then end with a fricative. Nasal stops, air flow stop in oral cavity but air flow in nasal cavity: oral no air at all.

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