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This course truly analyzes the cognitive science of language: assumes we can advance our understanding of language through scientific methods of psych, experimental domain: operationalizes language and tests its applications in the real-world. Scientific method and language: necessary to discredit things people say about language that are untrue, and give credit to credible research, ex. You can learn language by watching television: ex. Illegal consonant pairs for english; fast response time (rt: ex. Tine vs wine vs mave: tine prong of a fork; low freq, ex. Lane vs brane: brain is a non-word but tricky because it sounds like. Brain; slowest rt: semantic ambiguity: interpretation of a word varies based on context (ex. January 16, 2018: monkeys have various alarm calls to distinguish types of danger: (hawks, snakes, etc) 13: vocal-auditory channel: lang is produced in vocal tract and transmitted as sound; it"s perceived through the auditory channel.

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