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University of Toronto Scarborough
Chandan Narayan

First language acquisition Generativist hypothesis with respect to innateness The generativist hypothesis is that language is a biological faculty a type of innatenessThis is supported by Crosslinguistic uniformity of language development acquisition of language is the same throughout all languages Children go through basically the same developmental steps The diversity of languages and the fact that the children are learn them shows that children have an innateness for language The Universality of Complex Language language acquisition of all humans and the biological basis of the human capacity for language as a unique development of the human brain The behaviourists believed that children learned language by believed that language was learned through a process called stimulusresponse learning this grouped together all types of behaviourThis meant that children learnt through copying whatever is said to themChildren could not learn independently or create new sentences Chomsky disagreed with this idea and his idea has been proven to be mostly right based onPoverty of stimulus see poverty of stimulus sectionCreativity of language words and sentences can be created without ever being heard Critical period There is a period where children learn language more easily Children need to be exposed to language during this period so that language acquisition will be successful This is usually before the onset of puberty because after that period language acquisition becomes more difficult It becomes even more difficult as time goes by It is for this reason that if you want to learn a second
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