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Chapter 10First language acquisitiongrammarthe mental system that allows people to speak and understand a language 1 mature language users are able to produce and understand infiniteof novel sentences 2 children speech errors doed runned goed children do not imitate what they hear they create rules of their own methods o two approaches naturalistic approachobserve and record childrens spontaneous utteranceslongitudinal extend over a period of timeie diary study a researcher keeps daily notes on childs progress regular taping sessionsexperimental approachspecially designed tasks to elicit linguistic activity relevant to the phenomenon they wish to studycrosssectional compares linguistic knowledge of different children at a point in developmentie truth of statements toys acting out meaning of sentence imitation of model sentences 102 Phonological development o babbling 6 months o Intelligible words 12 months o consonant phonemes stop fricative age 2 o consonant phonemes affricates liquids glides age 4 o 50 words18 months o developmental ordervowels acquired before consonantsstops acquired before other consonantslabials acquired firstalveolarsvelarsalveopalatalsinterdentals lastwordinitial positionnounlike wordsverb and adjectivelike wordsEarly phonetic processes o syllable deletionstressed syllables are retained unstressed syllables are lost unstressed syllables in final position tend to be retained ends of words are easier to notice and remembereg kangaroowu telephonefow tomatomejdo o syllable simplificationdeletion of certain sounds to simplify syllable structure sstop strategy delete sstoptapstopliquid strategy delete liquidtrytajfricativeliquid strategy delete liquidsleepsipnasalvoiceless stop strategy delete nasalbumpbupelimination of final consonantseg dogda o children favour consonantvowel CV template
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