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Chapter 12Psycholinguisticsthe study of language processingpsycholinguisticsthe study of languageprocessing mechanisms mental events 121 Methods of psycholinguistic research o language users are unaware of the details of language processingsubconsciousability is maximized to operate with speed and efficiency o saccades a series of jerks in the movement of the eye while reading text move smoothly from left to right1211 Slips of the tonguespoonerismsslips of the tongue produced during speechfield technique o Reverend William A SpoonerEg What he intended Noble sons of toil What he said Noble tons of soil o tendency to exchange the initial consonants of words in the utteranceo sentences are planned out before the person begins to say it o mixing and matching morphemes within wordsEg Intended easily enoughProduced easy enoughly o the morpheme rather than the word is the fundamental building block of English sentence production o morphological components of words can function independently during sentence planning 1212 Experimental methods words in the mindtip of the tongue phenomenatemporarily unable to access a wordreveals flexibility to access the mental lexicon Lexical decision o participant is seated at a computer a word appears on the screen and the participant must quickly judge whether the word is a real English word or not yes or no o two dependent variablesthings that are being measured the time that it takes for a participant to respond response latency and whether the participants judgment is correct reponse accuracy o frequency effectparticipants takea second 500 milliseconds to press yes for common words but take longer for less common wordssuggests our mental dictionaries are organized so that words we use more often are more easily and quickly available to us o pronounceable nonwords take longer to reject
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