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University of Toronto Scarborough
Raymond Grinnell

MATA32Y Calculus for Management I Winter 2013 Winter Midterm Test Information Sheet 1. The MATA32Y Winter Midterm Test is on Saturday, February 9, 9:00 am - 11:00 am. Arriving early will ensure that you can begin the test on time. The actual time allowed for writing the test is 120 minutes and we begin 9:00 am. The value of the test is 20% of your entire course grade. 2. The Room Allocation is based on the first letter of your last name: A - M in room SW-128 N - Z in room SW-143 3. You will need one hand-held calculator, but there are restrictions. Any calculator that does any of: graphing, matrix operations, numerical/symbolic differentiation or integration is not allowed. Make sure you check your calculator keypad and manual to ensure that it does not preform any of these operations. If you bring to the test a calculator that does any of these operations, it will be detected, and you will be asked refrain from using it for the rest of the test. Calculators will be checked and there are no exceptions. 4. Aside from your calculator and writing tools and perhaps a ruler, no other aids (e.g. lap- tops, cell phones, smart phones, i-pods, MP-3’s, Blackberry’s, etc., scrap paper, notes and textbooks) are allowed at your test work space either by intent or by accident. If you bring a cell/smart phone into the test room, you will be asked to shut it off and to leave it at the front of the room. 5. You are strongly encouraged to write the test in pen or other ink. If you answer any part of the test in pencil, you will be denied any regrading/revision opportunity. 6. Bring your T-Card and be prepared to display it for inspection during the test. You will be asked to enter the following on the cover page of the test: Your family name (i.e. your last name or surname), your given name(s), your UofT student number, your signature, and you will be asked to circle your TAs name and your tutorial number. This complete data will be worth 2 points. Material of Responsibility 1.Our Winter Midterm Test is not cumulative and there is mostly emphasis on our course material after the Fall Midterm Test. However, it is expected that you have considerable working knowledge of calculus as from the material on our Fall Midterm Test. 2. You are responsible for emphasizing the follow
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