MDSA01H3 Midterm: Introduction to Media Studies Midterm Notes Including TB and Lecture

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5 Oct 2016

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Mass communication: used to describe communication to a large undifferentiated group; to describe communication between a large number of individuals; there are multiple meanings of this word! Digital divide: the increase difference in the development and use of information and communication technology between the rich and the poor countries, and between the haves and have-nots within a society. Communication: the action of which making a message or idea common to two or more people. Medium: any vehicle that conveys information (e. g. language, photographs, musical instruments); plural form is media. Mass media: vehicles thorough which mass communication takes place. New media: are technologies, practices, and institutions designed to facilitate broad participation in information production and exchange (i. e. communication) on a mass scale. Convergence: generally, bringing together once separate communication technologies (e. g. broadcasting, sound, television) into one technological platform (i. e. the internet) Information and communication technology (ict): technologies used to store, access, and transit information.

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