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1 Dec 2016

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Introduction and media in an ever-changing communications universe: Mass communication: traditional media, new media, social media, etc. Media is central to the ways we understand the world and is involved in almost all aspects of our life (career, edu- cation, music, etc. ) 1. 1 canadian are #2 in internet usage on the planet. Media is also central to larger organizations and society. For e. g media helps bind canadians together with common ideas and understanding of our culture (hockey, health care,etc) Benedict anderson sees communication technologies as central in helping create an imagined community important for communication (government to residents or business with customers) Key agents in globalization (important in controlling world economy and movements of goods and services) Media introduces people to different cultures while allowing immigrants to stay in touch with their countries. Political and economic news (olympics, tragedies etc) inform and warn us about environmental disasters such as earthquakes, global warming etc.