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9 Mar 2017

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Cultural analysis- morality (right and wrong) avatar- liberal, feminist, religious criticisms culture- shared set of beliefs/ideas that guide what we do (what humans produce and means by which we preserve what we produce) Cultural theory 1) physical: artifacts with widely shared meanings (national, social, political) 2) social: social codes and rules behind artifacts, practices in daily lives (textbook; reading) 3) attitudinal: customs, laws, traditions, values (freedom of speech) Qualities of culture 1) collective- shared among group of people 2) Rhetorical- not natural, result of shared symbols that carry significance (report cards and grading abc) 3) historical- evolves, fades, vanishes 4) Ideological- see world in some ways and not others, certain frameworks based on knowledge (madness) Cultural studies- interdisciplinary, pragmatic, political, self-reflexive, contingent social class- society divided into haves and have-nots american should/shouldn t be) hegemony (antonio gramsci)- one ideology subverts. Dream- (cid:498)if you work hard enough, you will succeed(cid:499) failure is based on the.

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