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MDSA01H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: New Media, Postmodernity, Social Class

Media Studies
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Study Guide

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Summer 2012
Introduction to Media Studies
How do I study for this course?
When studying for a course like MDSA01 it is easiest to prioritize studying and approach the material
strategically in order to handle the large amount of information presented to you. Course material is
presented in two major forms: through the lecture material and through the textbook. Think of everything
that is said in the lectures as a ‘must know’ and begin your studying there as you can expect to see this
material appear on all midterms and final exams. Information in the textbook that is given lengthy
treatment is material you ‘should know’, but don’t try to remember every word that is written in the text.
Focus your study efforts on those concepts that are given the most emphasis, and especially those ideas
that are raised in class and more fully developed by examples in the text. Any other smaller pieces of
information (information that is not emphasized or expanded on) will be ‘nice to know’ and may help you
fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Only worry about that information when you have a firm grasp of all the
other information that has been presented to you.
Format of the mid-term exam will include: matching, multiple choice and some fill in the blank.
Some helpful study hints:
- Remember to give yourself plenty of time to study the material so you are not cramming at the last
minute (this method will not allow you to properly retain and understand the information) and
allow time for breaks from the material while you are studying. Your brain can only process so
much information at one time!
- Read actively ask yourself questions to ensure that you comprehend the information and are not
simply reading the words on the page.
- Take notes actively put things in your own words when jotting notes from the text
- Sleep! You will feel and perform better if you get adequate sleep leading up to any major exam.
When looking at the material from the chapters of the text, these are some major terms / concepts you
should be able to define and explain. These are placed at the very start of each chapter. Start with the
chapter summaries, and frame study questions from there.
Please note that the following study guide is meant as a study aid, to ensure that the basics are included in
your comprehension. It covers a “foundation” of understanding. It does NOT mean, however, that a point
not contained in the outline below will never appear on the test; that indeed may happen. But if you know
the outline of contents below, along with the terms at the start of each chapter, along with the content of
the lectures, you will be abundantly well prepared for the mid-term exam.
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