Readings-Videodrome review and the Digital Revolution

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28 Mar 2011
Videodrome Review
Director: David Cronenberg
Television can change your mind
Videodrome will change your body
Inf luence on human beings of the violence on TV
The movie can be seen as a one that warns about the 'dangers of television' when truth
and f iction cannot be told apart anymore and fiction actually starts becoming reality
Though, this show controls and seduces its viewers into an unusual world of hallucination
that can alter life.
technology gone haywire and the dangers of watching dangerously violent pornography
The Digital Revolution: Part 1- By Geoff Pervere
Digital technologies and their dizzying rate of evolution, much of what we once took for
granted – including our institutions, business models and brains themselves – are being
radically reconfigured.
Digital technology profoundly altering our brains
Histor y teaches us that old media never die — and they dont even necessarily fade
away. What dies are simply the tools we us e to access media content.
If old consumers were isolated individuals, the new consumers are more socially
If the work of media consumers was once silent and invisible, the new consumers are
now noisy and public
New media doesnt understands the r ules to play by (e.g. piracy)
Control has shifted over from the producer to the consumer
More individuals still prefer to go to the megaplex b/c of its many screens, optimal
viewing conditions ,self-contained environment, choices of what to see, social gathering
Egoyan, older viewer sur prised at the tur n that digital media has taken
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