MDSD02H3 Study Guide - Sexual Identity, Social Influence, Essentialism

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Feminism is a political project that explores the diverse ways men and women are socially empowered or disempowered. Sexism is discrimination based upon a person"s gender, instead of targeting individual men or even men as a social group, feminism seeks to reveal and eradicate socially ingrained systems of sexism that harm all individuals in some way. Sexual identity refers to the innate biological differnation b. w men and women; anatomy, reproduction and hormones. Gender refers to culturally constructed differences between men and women; tastes, roles and activities. Essentialism the belief that gender distinctions are innate and natural. Patriarchal systems empower men and disempower women by making constructed, gendered power imbalances seem natural and innate. Stereotype is a misleading and simplified representation of a particular social group. Stereotypes are damaging because the gloss over the complex characterics that actually define a social group and reduce its members to a few traits.

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