MDSD02H3 Study Guide - The L Word, Queer Theory, Human Sexuality

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Queer theory is an interdisciplinary perspective that seeks to disrupt socially constructed systems of meaning surrounding human sexuality. Sexuality is an enduring emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction towards others based upon their gender. Traditionally, sexuality is interpreted as either has heterosexual or homosexual. Queer theorists assert that this traditional understanding misrepresentations the full spectrum of human sexuality. Queer theorists work to expose the shortcomings of these labels and show how they work to support systems of social power and privilege. Heteronormativity - refers to a diverse set of social practices that function to perpetuate the heterosexual/homosexual binary and privilege heterosexuality. Hetronormative social roles or powers maintain the distinction b/w heterosexuality and homosexuality out of necessity. Hetronormative practices encourage individuals to identify with heterosexuality from an early age and regularly re-convince people that is mutually exclusive of homosexuality. Sexual othering - the process of stigmatizing homosexuality as abnormal to privilege heterosexuality.

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