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Media Studies
Michael Petit

Psychoanalytic analysis Sigmund freud Pleasure principle- the uncontrollable human drive to satisfy desire, or an appetite for something that promises enjoyment, satisfaction, and pleasure in its attainment. Libido- sexual drive The reality principle- represents the constant curbing of desire according to possibility, law, or social convention. Repression- proposed by Freud, is the process of mentally containing our desires below conscious recognition or expression The unconscious- the part of the mind that acts as a reservoir for the desire, and it always attempts to make repressed desires felt again by interjecting them into conscious life. Jacques Lacan The imaginary- is similar to the Freudian pre-oedipal, pleasurable stage where the infant feels whole and connected to everything via the bond to the mother The mirror stage- infants recognize themselves in a mirror (literal) or other symbolic contraption which induces apperception (the turning of oneself into an object that can be viewed by the child from outside of himself) from the age of about six months. Alienation describes the condition of the subject who no longer recognizes himself, or rather can only recognize himself via the Other. The philosophical background of this concept derives from Hegel and then Marx. The symbolic- a realm or cultural plane of social meanings and relationships Lack- based on the theories of French psychoanalyst Lacan- perspective that there is not so much a struggle between pleasure but we are trapped in reality whose social order and language keep us from knowing or expressing pleasure fully The Real- the reality principle- the constant curbing of desire according to possibility, law or social convention- gives us the ability to control our desires as we grow and integrate to society- ex/ s
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