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Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Final Exam Study Guide (Chapters 7-12) 7. Psychanalytic Theory Historical development Sigmund Freud First Wave The Pleasure Principle Second Wave Libido Third Wave The Reality Principle Characterized by: Repression sexual agency The Unconscious personal choice Jacques Lacan individual empowerment The Imaginary Consequences of Gender Stereotyping The Mirror Stage Limited models for identification Alienation Eating disorders – “ideal” body type The Symbolic Work barriers Lack The Real 9. Queer Theory Psychoanalytic Studies of Media Queer Apparatus Theory Homophobia Scophophilia Sexuality Voyeurism Performativity Fetishism Heteronormativity Male Gaze Discursive Construction Phallocentricism Judith Butler Michel Foucault 8. Feminist Theory The Closet Feminism(s) Sexism 10. Reception Analysis sex - biological The Traditional View of Audiences gender - cultural Hypodermic Model Essentialism Two-Step Flow Patriarchy Cultivation Analysis misogyny Uses and Gratifications Gender Stereotypes in US Media The Revised View of Audiences Masculinity The Active Audience: active/strong Reception provider/political (public) Erotic rational/logical Ecological sexual subjects (beast myth) Reception Theories Femininity Encoding/Decoding Model (Hall) passive/weak Dominant nurturing/domestic (private) Oppositional emotional/irrational Negotiated sexual objects (beauty myth) Polysemy (Fiske) Postfeminism & Media Representation Popularity Limitations (Condit) Enunciative Polyvalence Textual Polysemy Revisited (Cecarelli) Participatory M
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