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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Midterm Exam Study Guide (Chapters 1-6) 1. Critical Media Studies 3. Organizational Analysis How Do We Know Organizations Somatically Structure Symbolically Hierarchy Medium Differentiation Who Are the Mass Media? Formalization Print media Process Motion Picture and Sound Recording Communicative practices Broadcast media Performance New media Narratives Living in Postmodernity Textual Convergence Management Mobility Technology Fragmentation Conventions Globalization Motivated Simulation Shared Why Study Media? Naturalized Socialization Resilient What we know Directive How we know Professionalization Doing Critical Studies The News Media: A Case Study Attitude: skeptical News & newsworthiness Approach: humanistic Journalistic conventions Assessment: political News gathering Ambition: social justice Journalistic beats Theory News agencies Punditry and press releases 2. Marxist Analysis News reporting Marxism Personalization Historical materialism Dramatization Base/superstructure Fragmentation Patterns of media ownership Authority-disorder Concentration Conglomeration 4. Pragmatic Analysis Integration – vertical & horizontal Philosophies Multinationalism Metaphysics Strategies ofProfit Maximization Being & existence Cross-development Truth Advertising Pragmatism Spectacle Everyday practical affairs
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