Terms Chapters 6-10

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Media Studies
Gray Graffam

TermsPart TwoWeek 6Cultural AnalysisAMERICAN DREAM The unquestioned assumption that hard work leads to success and that success is measured in terms of economic wealthASSIMILATION The process of white washing ethnic diversity by dehistoricizing cultural differenceCONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION The belief that one can attain the kind of happiness or completeness often conceived of as upper class through the purchase of material goods and servicesCULTURAL STUDIES an interdisciplinary approach to the study of culture that seeks to understand how relations of power are enacted reified and challenged CULTURE The collection of artifacts practices and beliefs of a particular group of people at a particular historical moment supported by symbolic systems and directed by ideologyDIFFERENCE the depiction of others who are subordinate to but a source of pleasure for US American tourists and consumersDOXA Cultural knowledge that is accepted as common sense the realm of the takenforgrantedEXCLUSION The symbolic annihilation of various cultural groups through erasure or under representationEXOTICISM Images of foreign lands and bodies that romanticize or mystify other culturesHEGEMONY The process by which one ideology subverts other competing ideologies and gains cultural dominanceIDEOLOGY a system of ideas that unconsciously shapes and constrains our beliefs and behavioursINTERPELLATION The process by which individuals are turned into ideological subjectsMYTH a sacred story or type of speech that reaffirms and reproduces ideology in relation to an objectOTHERING The process of marginalizing minorities by defining them in relationship to the majority which is assumed to be the normSTEREOTYPING a misleading and reductionist representation of a cultural group
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