MDSA01 (Introduction To Media Studies): Page 72-94 Textbook notes

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Pragmatic AnalysisThe Federal Communication Commission FCC fined CBS 550 000 when JT exposed Janet Jacksons breast during the Superbowl halftime showYet the FCC did not fine John Cameron Mitchell for his film Shortbus which had sexual contentThe movie gained awards box office success and good reviewsBoth the FFC and the public were inconsistentThe governments role in media differs from society to societySome countries Media is stateowned controlled and run similar to propagandaDemocracies Media is independent but has some government involvement and regulationWithout it the film industry will be financially harmed by piracyTruth is a label that a thing either has or lacksth Pragmatism Charles Saunders Pierce credited for term in late 19 centuryBranch of philosophy that assesses truth of effect outcome and practicality Often referred to as the only significant American contribution to world philosophyAlmost all key Pragmatic thinkers come from US institutionsKey Thinkers who shaped Pragmatism to its todays form William James 18421910Harvard prof He popularized Pierces work in Pragmatism 1907 and its sequel The Meaning of Truth 1909He was the first to stress application of philosophy to ones life Focused on the consequences of ones individual beliefBelieved people grow and mature by addressing personal problems through PragmatismModeration between extremes is the best way to achieve that 74 Half and half in the libraryJohn Dewey 18591952Pragmatic focus on larger social issuesThe process of knowing and learning is within the field of human activity and experienceThought is a result of encountering difficulties in their daily lives and trying to c
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