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ch10Student 1Intelligence testsAmeasure intellectual capacityBmeasure intellectual performanceCinfer intellectual performanceDare immune from situational or emotional factors2Which one of the following is NOT considered an aspect of intelligence by both laymen and expertsApractical problemsolving abilityBverbal abilityCsocial competenceDunderstanding of self3Experts and laypeople alike generally agree that intelligenceAis a multifaceted constructBcan be positively defined by observation of people in public placesCis synonymous with verbal abilityDis synonymous with social competence4For your child psychology class you are surveying the students in your dorm for characteristics of intelligence Most respond that intelligence involvesAmathematical abilityBverbal abilityCthe ability to think quicklyDgetting good grades in university5Psychologists conceptions of intelligence influenceAboth their methods for assessing intelligence and their beliefs regarding the usefulness of intelligence in predicting other behavioursBtheir assessment instruments used and the way in which the results of such assessments are interpretedCboth their views on the usefulness of intelligence testing and the frequency in which such assessments are utilizedDthe type of assessment instruments used and subsequently the type of therapy recommended6Following Spearmans work from the factor analytic perspective recent researchers haveAemphasized the importance of creative processes rather than intelligence factorsBdecided that there are no fewer than 12 intelligence factorsCconcluded that there is only one general factor and there are no specific factors of intelligenceDconfirmed the existence of a general cognitive ability because different cognitive tests are in fact correlated with one another7The multiple factor approach to assessmentAmeasures ability in seven academic subjectsBexplains variations in performance as the result of failure to studyCassesses ability in many domainsDstates that testing multiple times gives a more accurate assessment of intelligence8According to Charles Spearman intelligence is composed ofAseven primary mental abilitiesBa general underlying factor g plus task specific factors sCverbal ability plus task performanceD120 separate factors9Since the time of Charles Spearman 1927 intelligence theory has focusedAmore on specific factors of intelligenceBmore on the idea of general abilityCequally on specific and general abilitiesDmore on processes than on aspects of intelligence10Which of the following individuals suggested that intelligence is more than a single traitACharles SpearmanBDavid WechslerCHoward GardnerDall of these11A componential analysis of intellectual functioningAinvolves assessment of verbal and performance itemsBinvolves assessment of correct math solutionsCinvolves an assessment of both the steps and strategies in problem solvingDcompares mental age to chronological age12Your cousin finds balancing the chequebook easy and solves complex mathematical problems at work This is an example of Robert Sternbergs component ofAinformation processing skillsBexperienceCcontextDtactic intelligence13Robert Sternbergs triarchic theory of intelligence highlights the importance ofAa Deviation IQ a Verbal IQ and a Performance IQ scoreBinformation processing skills experience and contextCheredity environment and motivationDcomputing a triad of mental ages14Robert Sternbergs triarchic theory of intelligence focuses onAthe product the solved problemBinformation processing skills experience and contextClinguistic abilityDmemory coding and decoding15According to Robert Sternbergs model of intelligence if you were assessing the abilities taught and tested in most schools such as reasoning you would be evaluating Aanalytical abilitiesBtacit knowledgeCpractical abilitiesDcreative abilities16Maria regularly uses her common sense in dealing with the world though she has scored low on traditional IQ tests According to Robert Sternberg Maria exhibitsintelligenceAcreativeBanalyticalCgeneralDpractical17The person who scores high on Robert Sternbergs analytical intelligence tends to do wellAin jobs that require common senseBon all different kinds of tasksCon creative tasksDin conventional schooling18Of the following statements with which would Robert Sternberg disagreeAAn intelligent person can adjust the ways he processes information according to his experienceBAn intelligent person will be intelligent in any sociocultural venueCAn intelligent person deals effectively with novel tasksDInformation processing skills are important in the assessment of intelligence19Which of the following statements regarding the approaches held by Robert Sternberg and Alfred Binet is NOT correctASternberg emphasizes process while Binet is interested in answers to specific itemsBSternberg considers the childs own characteristics Binet does notCSternbergs approach is not limited to academic intelligence while Binets approach heavily favors such contentDSternberg and Binet both emphasize the childs prior learning experiences as being critical variables in interpreting intelligence20Which of the following theorists would most likely be opposed to traditional measures of intelligenceAHoward GardnerBRobert SternbergCboth Howard Gardner AND Robert SternbergDneither Howard Gardner NOR Robert Sternberg21Robert Sternberg and Howard Gardners theories of intelligence are ALIKE in that bothAemphasize the ability to adapt to novel situationsBhypothesize several different types of intelligenceChypothesize a singlefactor theory of intelligenceDemphasize the ability to quickly identify and remember patterns22Howard Gardners theory of multiple intelligences refers to theAseparate diverse types of intelligence in humansBseparate processes used in intelligenceCmultiple demands placed upon intelligent childrenDdistinction between process and performance23How many intelligences are described in Howard Gardners theory of multiple intelligencesA1B2C5D824Christine has good self understanding According to Howard Gardner she would score high onAbodilykinesthetic intelligenceBintrapersonal intelligenceCinterpersonal intelligenceDnaturalist intelligence25You have just been administered an IQ test where your musical linguistic and interpersonal skills have been assessed The test you have taken is theAStanfordBinet TestBWeschler Intelligence ScaleCmultiple intelligence assessmentDFagan Test26It could be said that Howard Gardners theory of multiple intelligences is most concerned withApredicting how well people will do in schoolBpeople finding their niche in society once out of schoolChow teachers utilize the concept of intelligenceDlanguage skills as being central to all forms of intelligence
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