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ch1-6 midterm

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ted Petit

Everything is learned in two ways Somatically through direct sensory perception of environment small percentageMedium via indirect channels second hand informationCritical Media Studies about the social and cultural consequences of the revolutionary capabilityMedia split into 4 subcategories 1 print media 2motion picture 3 broadcast media 4 news mediaPostmodernity describes the historical epoch that began to emerge in 1960s shift of economic mode of production goodsbased manufacturing to informationbased services 5 key trends 1 convergence 2 mobility 3 fragmentation 4 globalization 5 simulation1Convergence tendency of formerly diverse media to share a common integrated platform ex Use of pixels to create less distortion and decay over long distance2Mobility Portable media3Fragmentation Wide varieties of expansion in media4 Globalization complex set of social political and economic processes where the physical boundaries are collapsing 5 Simulation real without origin or realitySocialization process by which persons both individually and collectively learn adopt and internalize the prevailing cultural beliefs values and norms of a societyWhat we learn Split to content and form Content refers to the informational component of a messageHow we learn form describes the cognitive component of a message As way message is packaged and deliveredCritical studies umbrella term used to describe an array of theoretical perspectives which through diverse are united by their sceptical attitude humanistic approach1Attitude sceptical way of understanding the pressures and practices that contrains it2Approach humanistic emphasizes selfreflection critical citizenship and democratic principles3Assessment political Determining whose interests are served by the media and how those interest contribute to domination exploitation and asymmetrical relations of power4Action social activism operate on the premise that scholarship should be action oriented and social responsibility to identify injustice but to confront and challenge itTheory is explanatory and interpretive tool that simultaneously enables and limits understanding
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