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mid term notes for MDSA01

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

This chapter examines an alternative though not necessarily mutually exclusive explanation rooted in analysis or organizational and professional culturesWhy media organizations a specific medium or mass media institution produces the kinds of content it does Section 1 Organizational Theoryan Overview p48Organizations comprised of employers and employees a system networkof ordered relationships and coordinated activities directed toward specific goalsThere are two basic dimensions structure and processStructure the underlying framework that shapes an organization over time and includes three elements hierarchy differentiation and specialization and formalizationHierarchy refers to the specific arrangement of job role and positions based upon authority within an organizationDifferentiation and specialization accounts for the division of companies into units department and position each of which perform a specific task often requiring certain skill or trainingFormulation is the degree to which specific practices must conform to accepted organizational and professional conventionsProfessionals individuals that possess expertise in a particular area of field that allows them to accomplish the distinctive tasks of their professionProcess reflects the actual substance built upon the structures frameworkAssessing Communicative Practices p49Organizational Culturethe sets of norms and customs artifacts and events and values and assumptions that emerge as a consequence of organizational members communicative practicesCommunicative practices are dynamic contingent and transactional meaning that they are not static universal or bounded but complex improvisational and continuous Performanceexpensive displays that carry symbolic significance in a particular contextRitual performance personal or organizational behaviours that members engage in on a regular or routine basisSocietal performance the codes of etiquette that are enacted with regard to friendliness small talk joking and privacy within an organizationPolitics performed differently in every organization influence the type and degree of independence negotiation coalition building that are acceptableEnculturation emphasizes those commutative performances wherein the new comer learns the social knowledge and skills of the culture Narratives stories within an organization which plays a role in
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