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Media Final Exam Notes

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

MDSA Study Notes Final Exam7 Psychoanalytic TheorySigmund FreudThe Pleasure Principle the uncontrollable human drive to satisfy desire or an appetite for something that promises enjoyment satisfaction and pleasure in its attainmentLibido A persons sex drive or desire for sexual activityThe Reality Principle represents contrast curbing of desire according to possibility law or social convention Repression the process of mentally containing our desires below conscious recognition or expressionThe Unconscious the part of the mind that acts as a reservoir for desire and it always attempts to make repressed desires felt again by interjecting them into conscious life Jacques Lacan interested in the causes of mental disorders and psychosis and the way the individual mind interacted with the culture at a largeThe Imaginary pre linguistics order Pleasurable union with mother perceived connection to everything The Mirror Stage child misrecognizes itself as complete and in control lays a basis for eventual ego formationThe Symbolic linguistic order Subjectivity arises from attempts to represent self in languageLack desires are unknown to our conscious self because they remained beyond linguistic expressionPsychoanalyticTheories Applicable to Studies of MediaApparatus Theorytheater reenacts the stagereproduces Lacanian mirror stageScopophiliapleasure in lookingVoyeurismpleasure in watching a desired object or person from a distanceFetishismthe psychic structuring of an object or part of a person as a source of sexual pleasureThe Male Gazethe medias frequent positioning of women as objects coded for strong visual and erotic impact Phallocentricismthe privileging of signs or symbols that represent male power 8 Feminist TheoryFeminism is a political project that explores the diverse way men and women are socially empowered or disempowered Sexism Discrimination based upon a persons sex Sex refers to the innate biological differentiation between men and women anatomy reproduction hormones etc Gender refers to the the culturally constructed differences between men and women tastes roles activities etc Essentialism The belief that gender distinctions such as masculinity and femininityare innate and naturalPatriarchy System of social relationships in which womens interests are subordinated to those of menGender Stereotypes in US MediaMasculinityFemininity ActivePassivein Advertisements Males tend to be engaging in sports working with tools or driving fast vehicles and are usually in good physical shape Where as the women in ads tend to emphasize passiveness and weaknessPublic providerPrivate nurturer Men are often tagged with provider of the families where as women are tagged as nurturer of the family
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