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Media Studies
Ted Petit

MDSA02 Final Exam Study Sheet Final Exam: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 7:00-9:00 pm, GYM The exam will be composed of multiple choice, truefalse, fill-in-the-blankshort answer (1-2 sentences), paragraph (6-8 sentences). It will cover key concepts and factual information drawn from course readings and lectures. Key Concepts: You should be able to define key concepts, explain their importance, and apply them to specific situations. Technological determinism- technological determinism is a reductionist theory that presumes that a societys technology drives the development of its social structure and culture values. Technology and new technologies are seen as the primary cause of major social and historical changes at the macro level of social structure and at the micro social level in terms of their profound social and psychological influences on individuals. (Its believed that information technology will radically transform society and our ways of thinking) To what extent is the medium is the message an example of technological determinism? The medium is the message is an example of technological determinism because, McLuhan argues that the message is the change of scale or pace or pattern that a new invention or innovation introduces into human affairs. (McLuhan 8) it is not the content or use of the innovation, but the change in inter-personal dynamics that the innovation brings with it. Therefore, by the medium being the message it predicts the effects technology will have on the micro level of society and in terms of psychological influences on individuals and their personal perception of the message through the medium. Eg. the message of a newscast are not the news stories themselves, but a change in the public attitude towards crime, or the creation of a climate of fear. McLuhan message always tells us to look beyond the obvious and seek the non-obvious changes or effects that are enabled, enhanced, accelerated or extended by the new thing. To what extent is the singularity an example of technological determinism? Progress- The idea of progress is typically seen as the assumption that the human condition will inevitably improve. A specific ideological view is that Tecthology=Progress and Progress= Technology. The idea of progress first emerged in the 18 century when Voltaire saw science and reason as the driving force behind societal behaviour. Then in the 19 century Darwin suggested that progress was natural law with humans as the epitome of evolution. Then the 20 th century the idea was challenged that progress through technological means could also lead to massive destruction. Progress is ultimately inevitable and has moved, is moving and will move in a desirable direction(Eder). Whether it be for the better of humans or loss of control of the environment, progress will occur. Eg. Print culture is seen as a more advanced and preferable to an oral or scribal tradition. Electronic media is more advanced than print.
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