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Media Studies
Stacy Jameson

3 Judith Williamson Currency Of Signs Referent The actual thing in the real world to which a word or concept points Is external to the sign whereas the signified is part of the signCurrencyRepresents a valueits interchangeability with other things gives them value ColourStates what isnt included verbally or is irrelevantOrangegold colour or the sun Warm natural pure light Oral connection Ad for Beautiful Blue Blue isnt important since it blends in with other things Whats important is the red purple of the cap bottlethe girls lips despite that the rest of her face doesnt showBottle toplipstaste oral connectionConnecting 2 objects They would be the same colourThis makes the consumer believe that the two objects have the same quality objective correlative Connecting an objecta world The object should have the same color and shapes as what we make of the worldConnecting an objecta person Having the object be the same color as the persons clothesThe object should reflect the personThe retinted world of the adMinimizing colour makes everything look like it was made for each other but its not realistic Select elements things or people from our ordinary worldmodify them to create a newworld which is ideal for the productAn ad of a person jumping into the airthen being cut into a chocolate bar completing the jumpmakes a connection between the two Formal techniques There is little difference between brands of each category Downy vs Tide This means that ads have to create a differentiation to distinguish them apart The ad provides an image of the product Catherine Deneuvea Chanel perfume in an ad Fait accompli The two dont have a connection or the same meaning but they areforced to have one because they are in the same advertisementThe Chanel perfume is using Catherines attributes glamourbeauty for itselfAdvertisements are the metasystem of translation Example Catherines attributes transferring to Chanel Link between ChanelCatherine is meaningless if we did not know herher attributes Shes FrenchChanel is FrenchFrench beauty The system of signs that the product draws its image from is a referent system the sign Catherine placed on the ad refers back to it Knowing the differences is important Catherine is not ugly so Chanel is not ugly eitherMargaux Hemingway for Babe perfumeShes wearing a karate outfit instead of a dressThis wouldnt matterstand out if other perfume ads were the same as itdidnt have womenin dresses insteadThis ad breaks conventionscontrasts the product as different from the others This product is what others are notAds use distinctions in our everyday world to distinguish their products from othersTotemism Things are used to differentiate groups of peopleIf theyre portrayed by Christina things of different kinds moisturizer perfume lotion are stillgiven the same meaningother perfumes Dior arent since they arent characterized by herImages ideasfeelings are associated with products due to the signs people Christina in the ad rather than actually coming from the product itselfLinking the internal thoughtsfeelings with something externalobjective happens with art Art elevates feelingsideas that are personally experiencedseems like the art originally causedthem instead TS Eliot said that the linkingcorrelating above is called objective correlative The person must have had experienced the situation or event that stimulated that emotionbefore to feel it again when faced with the artMedia provides objective correlativesmeaningAds evokeprovide formulae for emotionsThe ad doesnt evoke the feeling it evokes the idea of a feelingThe emotion is promised when the product is boughtThe product has no meaning until its given value by a personobject who already has meaning John PlayerUses expensive car as luxurys correlativethen correlates luxury to cigarettesBoth the cigarette packet and car are beige and blackThe cars value is passed onto the cigarettesThe words are on the borders of the ad as to not get in the way of theconnecting cigarette packcarThe car looks like its being pushed towards the cigarettes just like the meaning Heres one known luxury reaching out to the unknown oneJohn Player Kings a taste of luxury is in the lower frame under the cigarettes Freshtasting foods are shown to suggest that Belair cigarettes are freshtasting Cigarettes arent fresh but the dewy drops on the cucumber nullify thisThe cigarettes are unknown and unproven correlativesSandersonThe product wallpaper merges its identity with the celebrity endorsement andgains all of their qualitiesHalifax Has a bridal veil to symbolize marriageStrong male hands stand for Promise Confidence Security offered byHalifax repairsPortobello Road MarketThe place is where posh people shop for expensive thingsThe luxurious car is the corelative but it is in a crowdedinconvenient placeThus the ad is not effective John Player Special People are reflected into the product they are the correlative for qualityupper classthe rich way of lifeA crystal ball element The people could be seeing their life styles futureare notreflecting it theyre creating it by buying the productOnce some products are bought they take over the reality that once gave them meaningAs a product merges with its sign its correlative originally used to translate it to us 1 absorbs the otherthe product becomes the sign itselfExample Beanz meanz HeinzHeinz meanz Beanz Product as generator Product represents an abstract quality or feelinggenerates the feelingConsumers are promised that the product creates the feeling its ad representsYou can buy chocolates because youre happy or buying chocolates can make you happy Product as CurrencyThe product allows access to that emotionfeelingThe product is the intermediary currency between real moneyan emotionFace cleanser gives you clear skin which gets a boyfriendSo which the first product face cleanser comes a second product a boyfriendProducts buy things money cant buy
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