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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Stacy Jameson

NameAnswer KeyAdvertising and Consumer CultureMidterm Exam Fall 2013 MDSB03H3Multiple Choice Questions 1 point each 40 points Possible Complete the multiple choice portion on the scantron sheet using a 2 pencilBe sure to note the question number and mark it accurately1 The short advertising segments presented on c Hand Lettered Flyerstelevision during breaks in the programing are d Testimonialscalled6 By the 1920s advertisers see the significance of selling more than just goods and servicesaSpotsThey start to present bCopyaCoaching for social problemscEther advertisingbThe effects of the productsdInfomercialscReality eProduct placementsdAB2 Advertising involves three central qualities eAll of the abovepaying for spacetime an expression of its presence and7 In what ways do advertising agents in the tha informationearly 20 century function as modernitys town b entertainment criersc persuasionaThey drew attention to major news d pufferystories such as WWIbThey were the force through which 3 Why does Raymond Williams describe the masses learned about innovation advertising as a magic systemand advancementaBecause we are too materialistic cAs quintessential urbanites they bBecause objects are not enough for were models of youthfulness consumers they must instead be optimism and speed of changeinvested with social and personal dBCmeanings that induce us to buycBecause advertising is always 8 What are some of the ways in which organized around a slight of hand advertisers got around some of the penny that tricks consumers into buyingpaper nodisplay rulesdBecause advertising has its a type trickshistorical roots in mystical practices buse of Broadsidesand narrativesc repeat slogansd all of the above4 While Advertising is a widespread medium of consumer culture there is more to consumer 9The first advertising agents were responsible culture than advertisingfor writing copya Truea Trueb Falseb False5 Which of the following was NOT a form of 10 The cultural shift from the valorization of thearly advertising before the Industrial civic responsibility and frugality to the mid20 Revolutioncentury belief that a better life could be achieved a Barkers or Criersthrough goods describes which ideab Carved FigurinesaCommodity SelfbTherapeutic EthiceAll of the abovecProtestant work ethic12 Referent systems aredInterpellationaThe process by which products are 11 The Got Milk campaign that presents disconnected from the conditions of productiondifferent celebrities sporting milk mustaches is an example of what sort of advertising bThe blatant or literal meaning of conventionadvertising images and copyaRepeat motifcThe financial structures of television commercialsbCounter bricolagedThe system of signs from which cIntertextualityadvertisements draw meaningdDifferentiation13 Which was NOT a major influence on the creation of modern advertising by the 1920s17 Advertising in Radio encouraged debate for aRising literacy rateswhat reasonsbDevelopment of transportation aRadio was the first electronic mass medium without a model for structure technologies like the steam trainand contentcMove toward market segmentationbRadio was seen to have an educational dInvention of movable type and the function possibly at odds with adsprinting presscRadio had a place in family life to which eNone of the above all of these were in commercial interests were seen to be fact influential to advertising by 1920harmfuldAll of the above14 Equivalence in ads can be established through aColor18 What factors contributed to the shift away bVisual proximityfrom television show sponsorship by advertisers cLanguageto the use of commercials in the breaks of dAll of the aboveprogramingeNone of the aboveaPublic recognition of a television quiz show rigging scam15 Commodity Fetishism describes how we bThe financial burden of sponsoring a tend to define selfworth at least in part through whole showthe consumption of goodscNetwork consolidation in the form of a Truethe big three NBC ABC and CBSb FalsedAB16 Counterbricolage iseAll of the Aboveagiving new meaning to things a 19 Advertising Agent William Benton is practice of making doresponsible for what sorts of new practicesba practice employed by people who aThe transformation of the radio jingle to are not in positions of power to gain the television marketsome control over their livesbThe return to the hard copy cthe referencing of one cultural text information driven content in the years within another of the Great Depressiondthe appropriation repackaging and cThe development of auditory tricks and reselling of the subcultural or singing commercials for radiocounter cultural ideas to the dThe application of scarecopy to radiomainstream
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