MDSB05 (Media & Globalization): Lecture Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ruoyun Bai

MDSB05H3S MediaGlobalizationLecture 2 January 15 2014 Ancient Rome was very known for its elaborate road system created by the Roman Empire Humans animals and fire on the Great Wall of Chinas towers were old ways of communication The printing press came before the telegraph The telegraph made it possible to distribute messages without people physically moving to do so Telegraphs made it easier to know how much things like cotton cost overseas Military telegraphs needed independent telegraph lines so that they would not be intercepted by other military efforts from other countries News Agency example Associative Press News cartel Havas Wolff and Reuters signed an agreement to act together as a single producer They agreed that each company was assigned a global location and the other two could enterand gather news and info from that locationrd Late 1970sEarly 1980s 3 World countries wanted the 4 Ds found in PowerPoint NWICO helped establish national and international communication industries Geostationary satellite A satellite that hovers about 36000 km above the equator It revolvesaround the earth at the same speed that the Earth revolves around its axis Advantage It provides stable communication servicesEach satellite has transponders which receivesend out signals There are uplink stations onEarth which send signals to the transponders The signals are then sent back from transponders to stations on Earth that receive the information and distribute it on a large scale Optical fiber Superior to any other copper wire cable It has huge capacity for transmitting info It is the same thickness as hair but can transmit trillions of info undersea National telecom sectors used to be owed by the government but that changed in the 1980sbecause of the dominance of freemarke
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