MGEC38H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Economic Equilibrium, Demand Curve, Scantron Corporation

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Instructions: please read carefully: on the scantron answer sheet, you must. Print your last name and first name. Enter your student number as the identification number. Fill in the bubbles under your name and student number. Fill in the bubble associated with your test version. If two multiple choice answers both seem to be approximately correct, choose the best of the two answers. Enter the answers to the multiple choice questions on the. Scantron sheet provided to you by filling in the appropriate bubble. If answers are not written on this sheet, there will be no marks given for answers. Each correct answer is worth 4 marks (except for question 26, where the correct answer simply confirms your exam version); incorrect answers receive 0 marks: when entering your answers on the scantron sheet: Use a medium (hb) pencil (do not use a red pen) Fill in the bubble neatly and completely (this is important)