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Management (MGH)

CHAPTER 2- PERSONALITY AND LEARNING What Is Personality? The relatively stable set of psychological characteristics that influences the way people interact with their environment & how they feel, think, & behave. Where does it come from? Dimensions & traits determined by genetic predisposition & ones long-term learning history. People have a variety of personality characteristics. Personality & Organizational Behaviour Personality has a long history in OB Initially believed that personality was an important factor in many areas of organizational behaviour, including motivation, attitudes, performance, and leadership The role of personality in OB has often been debated in what is known as the person-situation debate This has led to three approaches: The dispositional approach individuals possess stable traits or characteristics that influence their attitudes and behaviours The situational approach characteristics of the organizational setting, such as rewards and punishment, influence peoples feelings, attitudes, and behaviour The interactionist approach OB is a function of both dispositions and the situation ie to predict and understand OB, one must know something about an individuals personality and the setting in which heshe works Five-Factor Model of Personality Five basic but general dimensions that describe personality:
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