Ch.8 Social Influence, Socialization, and Culture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

MGTB29 Chapter 8 Social Influence, Socialization, and Culture Social Influence in Organizations p.262 - people act differently in groups than independent operators Information Dependence and Effect Dependence Information Dependence: reliance on others for info about how to think, feel, act - indivs motivated to compare t,f,a to acquire info about adequacy - effects of social info exert as much or more influence as objective reality - indivs dependent on effects of behaviour as determined by rewards and punishment provided by others Effective Dependence: reliance on others due to their capacity to provide rewards and punishment 2 complementary processes: 1. Group has vested interest how indiv members think and act bc can affect goal attainment 2. Member desires approval of group Social Influence in Action p.262-264 - consequences of info and effect dependence is members conform to group social norms Motives for Social Conformity Compliance: conformity to social norm promoted by desire to acquire rewards or receive punishment - involves effect dependence - adjusts behaviour to norm but does not subscribe to beliefs, values, attitudes that underlie norm
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