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Management (MGH)

Chapter 1 Organizational Behaviour and Management What are Organizations? Organizations: Social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort. Social Inventions Essential characteristic of an organization is the coordinated presence of people. OB is about understanding people and managing them to work effectively. Goal Accomplishment OB is concerned with how organizations can survive and adapt to change. People have to o Be motivated to join and remain in the organization o Cary out their basic work reliably, in terms of productivity, quality, and service o Be willing to continuously learn and upgrade their knowledge and skills o Be flexible and innovative Group Effort Organizations depend on interaction and coordination among people to accomplish their goals. OB is concerned with how to get people to practise effective teamwork. What is Organizational Behaviour? Organizational Behaviour: The attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizations. OB provides insight about effectively managing and changing behaviours. Studies how organizations can be structured more effectively and how events in their external environments affect organizations. Important areas of OB include cooperation, conflict, innovation, resignation, or ethical lapses. Issues in OB include organizational culture and its role in an organizations success, employee learning, training, and career planning, motivation and compensation, and communication. Why Study Organizational Behaviour? Organizational Behaviour is Interesting OB helps us understand why employees become committed to an organization and what motivates them to work hard, and why organizations are successfulfailures. Organizational Behaviour is Important Understanding OB can make us more effective managers, employees or consumers OB explains the differences between successful and failure organizations and uses the explanations to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Organizational Behaviour Makes a Difference Sustained competitive advantage and organizational effectiveness are increasingly related to the management of human capital and organizational behaviour.
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