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Chapter 10: Communication What Is Communication? Communication: The process by which information is exchanged between a sender and a receiver. Effective Communication: Occurs when the right people receive the right information in a timely manner. Communication by Strict Chain of Command There are 3 main forms of communication under the chain of command: o Downward Communication: Flows from the top of the organization toward the bottom. (Ex: VP -> Plant Manager -> Production Manager -> Subordinates) directives and objectives usually flow down o Upward Communication: Flows from the bottom of the organization toward the top. (Ex: Engineer -> Research Manager -> VP) ideas usually flow up o Horizontal Communication: Occurs between departments or functional units, usually as a means of coordinating effort Deficiencies in The Chain of Command Informal Communication o Chain of command fails to consider informal communication between members Filtering o Filtering is the tendency for a message to be watered down or stopped altogether at some point during transmission according to the environment, nature of subject, and person you are speaking with o Upward filtering occurs when employees are afraid their boss will use the information against them o Downward filtering occurs due to time pressures or, usually because managers usually only pass down enough so that they can maintain an edge over them o To inhibit upward filtering, managers establish an open door policy where any employee below them can communicate directly to them without going through the chain of command Slowness o Takes time for information to relay upwards and downwards, but even longer to go horizontally between departments (cross-functional teams combat this slowness) How good is Manager-Employee Communication? Managers and Employees differ in their perceptions of: how employees should allocate their time, how long it takes to learn a job, importance of pay, authority of an employee, employee skills and abilities, and managers leadership style suggests
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