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Management (MGH)

Chapter Two- Personality and Learning What is Personality? Personality Relatively stable set of psychological characteristics influencing way individual interacts with their environment and how they feel, think & behave Summarizes persons style of dealing with the world Consists of number of dimensions determined in complex way by ones Genetic predisposition Long-term learning history Susceptible to change through adult learning experiences Personality and Organizational Behaviour Believed to be important factor in many areas of OB Dispositional Approach: People have stable traits that influence their attitudes & behaviours People are predisposed to behave in a certain way Focus on individual dispositions and personality States that individuals possess stable traits or characteristic that influence their attitudes and behaviours Situational Approach: Characteristics of org-setting influence feelingsattitudesbehaviors Factors in the work environment that might predict and explain organizational behavior Characteristics of organizational setting ie. Rewards, punishment, influence ppls feelings, attitudes and behaviour Interactionist Approach: OB is a f of both dispositions & situation Need to know about personality & work-setting Currently believe: both approaches important for predicting & understanding OB There is no best personality managers need to appreciate diversity Key : Fitting right person for the right job & exposure to different MGT-styles Considers the role of personality in different situations (weak or strong) Extend to which personality influences peoples attitudes and behaviour depends on situation Weak Situations Unclear how person should behave Personality has most impact in weak situations Loosely defined roles, few rules & weak rewardspunishments Personality has most impact Strong Situations Clear expectations for appropriate behavior More defined roles, rules & contingencies Personality has less impact 1 www.notesolution.comThe Five-Factor Model of Personality 1. Extraversion- Extent person is outgoing vs. shy (introverts) ie. Extraverts enjoy social situations managerial quality Linked with absenteeism Predictor of job and life satisfaction 2. Emotional Stability Neuroticism- Degree person has appropriate emotional control High emotional control low neuroticism-confident and have high self esteem Low emotional stabilityhow neuroticism-tend toward self doubt and depression Strongest predictor of motivation and job satisfaction 3. Agreeableness- Extent person is friendly & approachable more agreeable ppl are warm and considerate less agreeable ppl are cold and aloof Predictor of job and life satisfaction 4. Conscientiousness- Degree person is responsible & achievement-oriented Strongest predictor of overall job performance managerial quality More conscientious ppl are dependable and positively motivated Less conscientious ppl are unreliable Also for counterproductive behaviours such as theft, absenteeism and disciplinary problems Strong predictor of motivation Predictor of job and life satisfaction 5. Openness to Experience: Extent person thinks flexibly & receptive to new ideas More open ppl tend toward creativity and innovation Less open ppl favour status quo Emotional Openness to Extraversion Stability Agreeableness Conscientiousness Experience Stable, Curious, Sociable, Confidence Tolerance, Dependable, Original Talkative Cooperative Responsible vs. Vs. vs. Depressed, Vs. Vs. Dull, Withdraw, Shy Cold, Rude Careless, Impulsive Anxious Unimaginative High: Good for High: Good for managers salespeople Links: +ve Links: Work retention & Absenteeism Attendance Dimensions relatively independent Cross-Culturally: Holds up well Traits in top half Better Job Performance Linked to work & organizational behaviors Related to work motivation Neuroticism (-) & conscientiousness (+): strongest predictors of motivation Related to job satisfaction Neuroticism (-) also the strongest Conscientiousness (+) & extraversion (+), less-so agreeableness (+) 2 www.notesolution.com
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