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Welcome! As the consultants from Ignition, you’ve been called in by the executives at OneClass to do a full strategic analysis on all of their operations from finance, human resources and marketing. The OneClass executives have asked you to look over their marketing operations and propose a new campaign that they can use to scale across all North American university/college campuses. Due to the nature of their business, marketing is very essential to their success and as such, forms the majority of this client file. Backstory OneClass is an educational platform that serves the post-secondary student market. The story all began in September 2010, when two university roommates got together and thought up of the idea to create a note sharing platform. This platform would be where students could go to find the peer-created supplementary notes that they need for their courses. The first iteration of the site launched as Notesolution was a peer-to-peer note exchange platform where students would be able to find course notes, and contributors would be rewarded with gift cards to popular retailers. From on-campus flyer campaigns, Notesolution became a popular academic resource for the tri-campus of University of Toronto. Notesolution then began running campaigns to try and get more students and documents from the various schools across Canada. Campaigns included raffles, giveaways and corporate partnered campaigns. This helped Notesolution become the go-to resource for Canadian students to find all the notes that they needed for the dreaded upcoming exam. In the summer of 2013, 2 major milestones were hit by the company: a full rebrand to OneClass and securing its Series A round of funding of 1.6 million dollars. The new name OneClass reflected the change of the website from a simple note exchange platform to a one stop shop for everything education. OneClass started producing a video libary where students could learn the general concepts from popular undergraduate courses such as finance, mathematics, chemistry, biology etc. In addition, OneClass started a pilot project to produce online exam video tutorials that would be targeted for the students’ specific courses with their respective professor. These videos would break down the different types of questions that students are likely to see and respectively how to answer them. In regards to the new funding, OneClass seeks to make the most of their dollars by investing into the product development and also the marketing initiatives to grow in reach. OneClass has made strides to enter the US market and now scalability of all operations has become a key in expansion. One of the challenges that OneClass currently faces is developing a marketing campaign that is scalable and financially sustainable. OneClass is looking for a marketing plan that can be repeated at different campuses with a guaranteed level of success. Scalability is a measure of how a business can grow in size while maintaining similar levels of operational efficiency and adoption rates from the growing market. Your challenge as consultants is to analyze the student market to produce a marketing proposal pitch along with a budget, both applicable to North America. This budget will contain the numerical breakdown of expenses that would be incurred for the hypothetical deployment of the full marketing campaign (to be clear, this budget IS NOT a summary of the expenses for the campaign that you’ll be running on-campus). In addition, to prove to the executives that this plan would work, yo
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