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Management (MGM)
Robert Carroll

Assignment 2 Metabical Positioning and Communications Case Study 1. End consumer and health provider are the two primary groups involved in this complex and long purchase decision-making process for Metabical. At the very first step, end consumer must see a problem which kindle their interest to buy a weight loss drug. There are many possibilities that can raise a person awareness to buy a weight loss drug, it can be feeling pressure from society on isolation because of overweight body size, a physician telling you about some health issues that may occur due to weight, dissatisfied with the current weight loss drug, etc. Once there is a problem recognition from the consumer, then they will move to a research and information stage. This stage is critical because there are thousands of weight loss drug in the market, each of them try their best to present to the consumer they are different and better than other brands, and this is now for consumer to carefully select the best one that is suitable for them. In the information search stage, consumers will consider if Metabical suits them and at the same time if they suits Metabical. In this case, consumers will first think if Metabical suits them, they will compare their desired weight to loss to the ability of Metabical can help them to loss, as well to see if they fits into the target user of Metabical, since it works most effectively on a persons’ weights between BMI 25 to 30. Then, the end users will think if Metabical suits them from the features and benefits provides on weight loss and hopefully with the minimal side effects. After gaining information about Metabical, consumer may select Metabical and proceed to a further step of information search. They may go through either internal or external search, or both. The consumers will skim through his memory on information they have already known about Metabical or other related weight loss products they have experience, or previous product from Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP). Then they will go for external search, which is to acquire information from outside source, including gather advises from peers, family or going to a forums to ask for suggestion, or gather information from catalogs and advertisements. After consumers have known enough information about Metabical, then they will start their evaluation process on other alternatives comparing to Metabical. Consumers will seek to find if Metabical can best to solve the problem they recognize at the very beginning and able to reach their weight loss goal most effectively. Arouse consumers purchase intention if they find Metabical more superior than the other related products, then they will consider where and how convenient Metabical can be purchase, after all these procedures, a purchase act will be implement. The decision-making process continues with the last step - post-purchase evaluation. After the consumer have purchase Metabical, they will match their experience on Metabical to their initial expectation, obviously if the consumer find Metabical below expectation, dissatisfaction will occur and may result in losing customers or even bad word of mouth. Therefore, it is crucial for Printup to oversee consumer satisfaction on Metabical, and to maintain a long-term customer relationship. The decision making process for the second group, the healthcare providers is somewhat similar but at the same time a bit different, they go through the same procedures on decision-making process but looking for different things during the process. Healthcare providers is not the end user of Metabical, but they suggest their patients, which are the end user to buy the product. Similarly, the healthcare providers must first see a problem on getting a weight loss drug, examples are recognizing a need for introducing a new weight loss drug, if many current patients are dissatisfied with the current weight loss drug or number of overweight patients is increasing and asking for help to introduce a weight loss drug, etc. Then, the healthcare providers will go through internal and external search. In this case, sales representative will provide some information on the healthcare providers external search as the sales representatives will approach them personally according to Printup’s plan. Once information is gather, this may trigger the health providers interest, and to take a further step on comparing alternatives with Metabical, they must be very deliberate on selecting the best weight loss drug for giving the best results under a safe manner to their patients. Their consideration will take a longer time, because they act as a professional and to recommend a drug for their patients. Their patients believe in their healthcare providers, so if Metabical does not work as expectation, or have severe side effect, this will directly affect the reputation of the healthcare providers. Going through the same process, the healthcare providers will then implement their purchase decision and continue with the post-purchase evaluation. The healthcare providers will evaluate how effective Metabical works on their patients, if many patients are returning and very satisfy about the drug, definitely the healthcare providers will put Metabical in priority and to recommend it to their patients. 2. Segmentation of potential Metabical consumer is important, allows Printup to better utilize resources and better match the needs of target customer, hence get a higher chance of success. Printup may combines three types of segmentation: Geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation and psychographic segmentation. By geographic segmentation, Printup will define which region of the U.S has the highest number of overweight person, so that Printup can better distribute the product and resources, for example to send more sales representatives to the healthcare providers in that particular region, so as to reach a larger group of target customer. For demographic segmentation, Printup should use some of the demographic variables, such as age, gender, income, education level to determine how to better reach the needs for target customers. In this case, Printup has already done some research on percentage of U.S obesity person base on age, gender, income and education level, therefore promotion of Metabical can be mainly focus on those particular groups with the highest percentage of target customer. From the data in the case, we can see women who between 55-64, with less than high school education and income less than $25000 have the highest percentage of overweight people, so that the promotion campaign should set them as the target group and the goal is to make them to make an actual purchase. For the best result, geographic and demographic segmentation should incorporate with psychographic segmentation to help use the resources more effectively, gather all the information and come up with the most common reason and benefits consumer are looking for, as well to find where and how to allocate resources to attract target customers through different market segmentation. The optimal target customer for Metabical are overweight person weight between BMI 25-30 and have a hope to make a change to get rid some of the unwanted pounds. The second target customers are the healthcare providers who will suggest Metabical to their overweight patients to get a healthier life. Futhermore, push and pull strategy have been used to promote Metabical to the end user through the healthcare providers. The healthcare providers will introduce Metabical to their overweight patients, and telling them the benefits of using Metabical, a pull strategy is used because this build up customers demand for the product and then they will go to a pharmacy to purchase Metabical. A push strategy can also be used if the healthcare providers act like
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