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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGM)
Professor Graham Brown

Week 1- Principles of Marketing History of Corporate Sponsorship in a Nutshell  Sponsorships at one point only looked at what the organization wanted to donated their dollars towards, what their employees were akin to supporting  Later it developed into a movement towards rationalizing the investment and more emphasis on ROI  There was a weighting between the increase opportunities and the costs associated with it  There were measures in place to determine whether something was effective or not  Focus on strategic investments versus the competitive response In the 70s  Philanthropic focus  Small number of events  Considered donations based on emotions and interests of the decision makers of the company 1980s  Time of the recession, more people concerned with the idea of ROI  More sponsorship links to marketing and promotions, different mindset started settling in  Sponsorships were viewed as opportunities to advertise and promote products and services 1990s  More budget cuts during these years  Competition between stakeholders and sponsors, both have an investment into the event and now the organizers have to balance the demands from both parties  Government started becoming more involved with how corporations can interact with public events (involvement to regulate or interference of prohibiting) o Best example would be how alcohol can advertise and how cigarette companies can advertise 2000s  Bigger emphasis on target markets  ROI was paramount and measurable  New laws started becoming an issue and a point of discussion for corporate sponsorships Marketing History  Production Marketing (about the product and how it is superior)  Sales-oriented Marketing (about the pitch and the personal selling)  Research (aka innovation) Marketing Strategy  Identify a target market  Develop the Marketing Mix  What are the 4 Ps?  4 Ps are Product Place, Price and Promotion  Market Segmentation can be done at three levels: psychosocial, geographic and behavioural  Psychosocial How people think and why they think the way they do  Behavioural How people act and the patterns of behaviour in the market (like when people start buying Christmas goods)  Geographic  How the markets can be separated by where people live and what are the patterns of behaviours of people who live in a certain region Promotional Mix  Advertising, Sales Promotions, Personal Selling and Publicity Marketing Environment  GeTPECS  Product Life Cycle that applies to different things like event ideas and marketing ideas Week 2- Media and Promotions Mass Media Sources  Television, Newspapers, Radio, Magazines, Outdoor/Transit, direct mail, directories and internet  Publicity over advertisements Characteristics of Various Media (probably used to determine whether something is best suited for a certain event)  Does it have geographic selectivity?  Which one has the highest quality  Which one has the lowest cost  Whether the advertisement is flexible  The length of life  The quality of reproduction  And whether there will be assistance to be carried out Different Measures of ROI (how would you determine the success of an event and whether you have achieved a return on investment)  Sales Response  Redemption rate of coupons  Recall and recognition tests Week 3- Event Allocation/Selection and Planning  Does the event fit with the company’s image?  Does it fit with the product’s image?  Is there entertainment value? Ways to Measure ROI  Increased Sales  Improved Corporate Image  Increased reach/growth  Employee Motivation  Competitor’s Response Plans to Tie to an Event  Contests  Coupons  Ticket Promotions  Special Events  Premiums  Donations  Cross-Promotions  POP Displays  Samples and Trials  Self-liquidating programs Planning to incorporate physical planning and human and financial Week 4- Volunteer Management This part of the event planning is a huge part of the human resources part of the course and deals with recruitment, training and recognition Recruiting  Identification-Determine what you need in terms of roles  Clarification- Make sure that the responsibilities and the requirements are clear (job description)  Recruitment-hire them  Confirmation-let them know that they are hired Recognition  Keeps motivation high Getting Feedback (Questionnaire)  The reason why you want to get feedback from the volunteers and take it into account when running the event again is to identify ways you can make the experience of the event and the working conditions at the event better  This also increases the retention rate of the volunteers Week 6- Event Sponsorship (How to get a company to sponsor the event)  Need to have the target company/organization identified  Gather the needs/objectives of the sponsorship and then associate that with an event Sponsorship Objectives from the Company’s Point of View  Awareness- Want their name to get out to the public  Competition- Get an edge over the competition by placing their brand in a more positive public light than the competition  Reaching specific target markets- Some events resonate with a particular target market and this company may be interested in reaching out to this group  Relationship marketing- Developing a relationship between the company and the target market or the public in general  Image building- Self-explanatory, building the company’s image and bringing it into a more involved state  Sales- better the bottom line for the event To get a Sponsorship Set the Sponsorship objectives that you are going to meet Determine the budget needed for the event and the money you want from the company Acquire the event idea  implement and evaluate the sponsorship All companies ar
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