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Management (MGM)
Professor Graham Brown

MGTC33H3 - Event and Sponsorship Management MIDTERM NOTES Lecture 1: History of Corporate Sponsorship (5) 1. Sponsors began to rationalize their investments 2. Emphasis was placed on ROI (Return on Investment) 3. Increase in opportunities versus cost 4. Discussed effectiveness of sponsorships does it work? 5. Strategic investments versus competitive response Corporate Sponsorships in the 1970s Distinct Characteristics (4) 1. Philanthropic the altruistic effort to increase well-being of mankind 2. Small number of events 3. Tight budget for donations 4. Choices of sponsoring were based purely on emotions and personal interest Corporate Sponsorships in the 1980s Distinct Characteristics (5) 1. There was recession so greater emphasis on ROI 2. Sponsorships began linking to marketing and promotions 3. Began to integrate advertising, PR and sales promos 4. Increased opportunities 5. Sponsorships mainly dealt with sports, social cause marketing, arts, meetings and conventions Corporate Sponsorships in the 1990s Distinct Characteristics (3) 1. Continued budget cuts 2. Competition increased between sponsors and stakeholders 3. Confusion between whether government involvement was actually an interference www.notesolution.comCorporate Sponsorships in the 2000s Distinct Characteristics (5) 1. Began to target markets 2. ROI became paramount and measurable 3. Opportunities increased 4. Goals: numbers, target market, ROI 5. New laws took effect Sponsors Investments by Percentage 1. Trade Shows, Conventions (10%) 2. MusicEntertainment (5%) 3. FestivalsFairs (5%) 4. Sports (45%) 5. Social Causes (20%) 6. ArtsCultures (15%) Marketing 101 Utility add value by satisfying needs; comes from Time, Place, Ownership and Form Marketing History Types (3) 1. Production 2. Sales-oriented 3. Research Marketing Research Steps (3) 1. Gather 2. Record 3. Analyze Result - find out whats popular Marketing Strategy Steps (3) 1. Identify a target market 2. Develop the marketing mix
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