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Management (MGM)
Professor Graham Brown

MGTC33H3 - Event and Sponsorship Management FINAL NOTES Lecture 6: Legal and Risk Management Main Areas (4) 1. Contract versus Tort Issues 2. Employment Law 3. Immigration Law 4. Risk Management and Insurance Sponsor Contracts include (8) 1. Identification of sponsorship rights (title, promoter, owner) 2. Exclusivity 3. Protection from liability (insurance, indemnity) 4. Intellectual property rights (ex. Trademarks) 5. Media rights 6. Terms of Contract 7. Fees 8. Merchandising rights Liabilities of Event Organizers for (4) 1. Participants: protection from unreasonable risks 2. Spectators: a safe viewing area 3. Creation of a waiver: to identify clearly who is protected and the risks involved 4. Alcohol: taking into account special risks SiteFacility Contracts include (6) 1. Lease versus License: exclusive possession versus permission for a specific purpose 2. Landlord and Tenant Act 3. Description of premisesuse 4. Terms 5. Fees
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