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Management (MGS)
H Laurence

quality ost Management point Timethe Theory quanfity otReorder the level ot inventory on hand group thatconcentrate on a narrow marlet or buyer theonstraintSpurchase a new triggers ordercompany tries focused to achieve either a low cost or afocused differentiation advantage iwthin a narrowlypoint Reorder number of units sold unit Xdefined marketof time purchase lead order timeecusing on willMiles and Snows Strategy Typology relationship betweerQuality purchasing purchase goods strategies and external environmentJIT the of materials or so theyjus producing productlon good enerally build expertise in it lower the are delivered as needed for if carryingcosts ofplacing purchase increase is large raking it createcustomer satisfactioncosts reduces the cost of a orderProspector strategy involves innovation taking riskspurchase growth enerate higher future long Benefits revenues for the company term lower overhead costs lowerseeking new opportunities Defendersellingout and just inventory levels heightened emphasis improvingon strategy may involve retrenchment stabilitybeyond quality by eliminating the specific causes of rework shorterof design refers to how characteristicsseeking to keep current customers without innovation orclosely the uality product growth Lead prospector a manu times lt hinges on the speed of informationAnalvzer f or service to meet the needs wants strategy lies and ofbetween quality flows from rstomers conformance customers ot manufacturers to suppliersdefender by refers to theefficiently maintaining a stable business for product product erformance of a or service relative to its design current lines while same time innovating toat the product roduct specificationslnventory Management Materials requirementsdevelop new lines reactor is respondand approach to planning MRP push system manufacturesto an ad hoc manner to environmental threats andfthrough that goods plan quality problemsfor inventory opportunities without long range finished on the basis of demanda techniques for identifyinganalyzingforecastsControl charts used to map randomnon random profitability process pareto Tests of lriation in operation diagrams used toqY crow frequency of defect type Cash effective management of the level of cash can boostby causeeffect diagramsproblemsused to identify roots of the bottom line High interest rates companies can offerROE the income average owners equitypay discounts encourage to earlier lowcash to customers income netinterest rates the supplier would not offer discountsROA interest averageme two operational measures of customerexpense of tax time performance total assets Considered to be the overall best measure ofsponse time ontime Time driversprofitabilityncertainty AR factoring arrangements is feasible if it is more costbottleneckseffectiveFinancial leverage ROE ROA The ormple time management techniques when advantage demandreturn onlnventories Pro take advantage of large volume discountsdisadvantage that occurs as a result of earning a ncertainty is high some unused capacity is desirableprobability production lostfrom return reduce of disruptions minimize equity that is different the on assetscreasing capacity of a bottleneck resource reduces manufinancing with inventoryinvest sales due to stock outs Con costs ad timesdelays reduce setup times in new eqEPS income investment storageavailable to common shareholdersweighted number of common shares outstandingaverage steps to managing bottleneck operations bottleneckpaying gross is incurringAP invoices before they are due operationetermines overall margin lD bottleneck unnecessary cost Company should take advantage of cashof income cash flow form operating activities o not it idle Relieve by removinglet increase efficiency Quality
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