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Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

MGTC59 Ethics Neo-classical Whatever law and market allow Corporate Social Responsibility Whether law will prevent you from doing such activity one day. Then you shouldnt do that activity now Not regulated now but could be in the future, then shouldnt be doing it now By doing so you may lose profits and not keep up with the competition, but you show the marketplace you compete ethically and get better trust in long run. ethics pays being rewarded in long run for being ethical today. Business Ethics 1. Ethical doesnt not equal heading off the law or doing what market will reward in the long run If doing the right thing and profitable thing are the same thing you only make profits if your doing it for the right thing, not the profitable thing Ethics = profits Because it is the ethical not because it is profitable Doing the right thing because it is right or ethical will bring you profits Problem of Dirty Hands Situation where every action a person can take they will be morally wrong. Use the self interest motivation to get them to do the right thing Moral Theory Utilitarianism right thing to do is greatest amount of good for the great amount of people. Profolactive law prevents you in situation in doing something wrong, everything if caught you may not be doing something wrong. Act utilitarianism find the act that would bring about the great good to society. Action was right if and only if such action, on balance, brought more good over bad than any other action that was possible. Rule Utilitarianism better society would result if we did that in all circumstances (doesnt capture what we value)
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