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MGTC59 Feb 25 Affirmative action: - Anti discrimination laws r insufficient to equality, you need affirmative action - Isnt affirmative action itself a kind of discrimination? - Affirmative action is reverse discrimination because both the intent and the result of it differ from that of the kind of discrimination were trying to get rid of. - Intent: Which is to degrade or humiliate a certain group. (old fashioned) - Affirmative action can only bring less qualified workers and enforce resentment (criticism) - If you think affirmative action brings resentment, then you must think that racial prejudice has come to an end because you would think that any competent person is able to get a job despite their race. - MGTC59 Mar 4 - Why should they hire black police officers in areas with high density of black people? Is it more justifiable? - The police officers might have more sensitivity when treating the black people than a white officers would, as they have had more experiences with the black community - The experience would be more pleasant when youre policing an urban black neighb
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