Feedback Effectiveness

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Management (MGS)
Phani Radhakrishnan

Feedback Effectiveness: Can 360 degree appraisals be improved? - When employees do not receive feedback from their job, they will seek it on their own - Although feedback interventions were usually effective, in more than one third of the cases feedback actually lowered subsequent performance Does Feedback Work? - Usually, but not always. In some conditions, feedback appeared to actually lower subsequent performance How does Feedback Operate? - The effectiveness of any feedback intervention depends on the level at which the intervention focuses our attention At Which Level of Attention Should We Focus Feedback Interventions? - Feedback interventions that focus our attention at the level of the self can interfere with subsequent performance by diverting attention away from the task to questions of who we really are - Feedback most typically focuses attention at the level of task performance. Feedback at this level is generally useful, but its usefulness depends on many factors - If efforts to improve performance fail, or if feedback otherwise focuses on details of performance without providing a means for improvement, attention will become focused on the task learning level
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