The Case for Directive Leadership

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Management (MGS)
Phani Radhakrishnan

The Case for Directive Leadership Why Participative Management May Not Work - A democratic style will be effective only if followers are both willing and able to participate actively in the decision making process Participation vs. Direction - Participation concerns the degree to which the leader lets subordinates take on some of the responsibility for making decisions about which tasks, projects, or results are to be achieved - Direction reflects the extent to which the leader delegates the responsibility for choosing the actual means to accomplish the desired tasks, projects, or results Consideration and Concern for Production - Treating subordinates with concern and respect, as well as demonstrating a strong desire for goal achievement are essential to effective leadership in the workplace Incentive for Performance - Successful leaders also make every effort to strengthen the connection between performance and rewards - The extent to which the leader links available rewards or sanctions to subordinate performance defines a leadership dimension that we call in
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